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Mizo to English / English to Mizo translation for frequently used terms and phrases

Whether you are traveling to Mizoram soon or if it’s still on your bucket list, this handy list of terms and phrases will help you impress and quickly build a rapport with your hosts and probably help navigate in some tricky situations. The Mizo language is known as Mizo tawng.


English Mizo tawng
Greeting  Chibai, Ekhai!
Thank you Ka läwm e
How are you? I dam em
Goodbye Mangtha
Sorry  Pawi hle mai
How Engtin
When Engtikah
Where Khawiah
What Enge
Please  Khawngaih in
Sorry  Pawi hle mai
Excuse me  Min lo hrethiam lawk
I don’t know Mizo  Mizo tawng ka thiam lo
Your food is so tasty  In chaw chu a tui hle mai
Water Tui
Food Châw
Chicken Arsâ
Fish Sanghâ
Tea Thingpui
Bamboo shoot  Rawtuai, Mautuai
Egg plant  Bawkbawn
Bean  Be
Cabbage  Zikhlum
Cauliflower  Parbawr
Capsicum  Hmarchapui
Chilli  Hmarcha
Cucumber  Fanghma
Dal  Dailuah
Garlic  Purunvar
Ginger  Sawhthing
Groundnut  Badam
Lady finger  Bawrhsaiabe
Corn  Vaimim
Mustard  Antam
Onion  Purunsen
Pepper  Thingmarcha
Potato  Alu
Rice  Buh, Buhfai
Soyabean  Bekang
Sweet Potato  Kawlbahra
Tomato  Tawmataw
I am hungry Ka ril a tam
I am full Ka puar e
It so costly A to lutuk
How much? Engzat man nge?
I want to go to the market Bazar ah ka kal duh.
It’s hot A lum
What are the interesting places in Aizawl? Aizawl ah khawi lai te nge han tlawh chi ni ang?
Where is hotel? Khualbuk/ Hotel khawi ah nge a awm?
Can i use taxi? Taxi ka hmang thei angem?
I want to go to the toilet Inthiar lawk ka duh
Where are you going? Khawnge i kal?
Mizo language is not so easy Mizo tawng chu thiam a awlsam lem lo
I speak only English Saptawng chauh ka thiam
I want to learn Mizo tawng Mizo tawng thiam ka duh
Mizo are so helpful Mizo te chuan min tanpui nasa hle
Mizoram is beautiful Mizoram chu a mawi hle
What is your name? Tunge i hming?
Please help me Min tanpui rawh
I will come again Ka lo kal leh dawnnia
Yes, i am fine  Aw, ka dam
Wait for a moment Reilote lo nghak lawk rawh
You are so beautiful I hmeltha lutuk
Village/town/city Khúa
Guest/Visitor Mikhual
Church Biak In
Traveler Khualzin
To travel Zin
Half Chanve
0 Bial
1 (Pa)khat
2 (Pa)hnih
3 (Pa)thum
4 (Pa)li
5 (Pa)ngá
6 (Pa)ruk
7 (Pa)sarih
8 (Pa)riat
9 (Pa)kua
10 Sàwm
1000 Säng(khat)
10,000 Sïng(khat)


  • Amit Kumar Basumatary
    February 11, 2024 at 4:28 pm

    These translation are very useful for conversation.

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