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Meithei to English / English to Meithei translation for frequently used terms and phrases

Whether you are traveling to Manipur soon or if it’s still on your bucket list, this handy list of terms and phrases will help you impress and quickly build a rapport with your hosts and probably help navigate in some tricky situations. The Manipuri language is known as Meithei.


English Meithei
Hello  Khurumjari
Thank you very much  Yamna nungaijare
Good Bye  Chatcharage
How are you?  Nung_ngai_biribra adombo?
Fine  Nungaijari
Welcome  Lengsinbirak_oo
I love Manipur  Ei Manipur nungshi
You are my friend  Adom eigi marup_ni
Manipur is beautiful  Manipur phajei
Hearty congratulations  Thakatchari
You are beautiful  Nungshe phajei
My name is David  Eigi ming David kou_ee
I am from Ukhrul  Ei Ukhrul dagi_nee
Happy to meet you  Adomga oo_najabada yamna nungaijare
Yes  Hoi / Ou
No  Natte
Sorry  Saobiganu
What is your name?  Adomgi ming kari koubage?
How do I go there?  Aduda karam haina chatkani?
How much is this?  Asi kaya pibage?
Where is your house?  Adomgi yum kadaida leibage?
Where is the nearest police station?  Khwaidagi nakpa ‘police station’ kadaida leibage?
Where can I go for shopping?  Pot_chei leifam kadaida leibage?
Could you help me?  Adombu ei mateng pangbiba ngamgadara?
What are you doing?  Adom kari toubiribage?
Would you like to join me for lunch?  Adom eiga chak chaminakhrasi
How do I go to airport?  ‘Airport’_ta karam_na chatkani?
What are the tourist spots around?  Asida kari kari yengfam leibage?
Where shall we meet?  Eikhoi kadaida oo_nasige?
Was there a call for me?  Eigi ‘call’ lak_khibara?
Where can I make a phone call?  ‘Phone’ toufam kadaida leibage?
I want to go to market  Ei ‘market da chatning_nge
I have lost my way  Ei lambi mang_nare
Please  Chanbiduna
I will come back  Ei amuk lakchage
I want it  Ei adum pam_me
I don’t want that  Ei adum pam_de
This is good  Mashi fei
Let us go  Eikhoi chatlasi
Come tomorrow  Hayeng lak_oo
Get me a glass of water  Eesing ‘glass’ ama pibi_oo
I want to try again  Ei amuk hotnajage
I’ll meet you in the evening  Horen numidang_wairam oo_nase
Please wait untill I am back  Ei laktri faoba ngaibiram_oo
The weather is pleasant  Nungshit-nungsha yamna fei
Drive slowly  Tapna thou
Pack these things  Pot-chei_se yomsiloo
I am busy  Ei thabak chil-le
Go straight ahead  Chumdring chatlo
1 ama
2 ani
3 ahum
4 mari
5 manga
6 taruk
7 taret
8 nipan
9 mapan
10 tara
11 taramathoi
12 taranithoi
13 tarahumdoi
14 taramari
15 taramanga
16 tarataruk
17 tarataret
18 taranipan
19 taramapan
20 kun


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