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Khasi to English / English to Khasi translation for frequently used terms and phrases

Whether you are traveling to Meghalaya soon or if it’s still on your bucket list, this handy list of terms and phrases will help you impress and quickly build a rapport with your hosts and probably help navigate in some tricky situations. There are other languages spoken in Meghalaya as well like Pnar in Jaintia Hills and Garo in Garo hills.


English Khasi
How are you? Phi long kumno? In short “Kumno?”
I am fine Nga khlaiñ
Short response to ‘Kumno?’ Kumne
Go in peace Leit suk
Stay happy Shong suk
Sleep well Thiah suk
Thank you very much Khublei shibun
Thank you Khublei
Sorry/Please Sngewbha
Yes Hooid
No em
Mr Bah
Ms/Mrs Kong
Me Nga
You Pha
What? Aiu?
When? (past) Mynno?
When? (future) Lano?
Where? Hangno? / Shano?
How? Kumno?
What is your name? Kaei ka kyrteng jong ph
My name is David Nga kyrteng U David
I am from Ghy Nga dei na Ghy
How much is this? Katno kane?
I do not want it Ngam kwah kane
I want this Nga kwah kane
When are you going? Lano phin leit?
Where are you going? Shano phin leit?
I am leaving now Ngan leit noh shwa
How do I go to Ward’s Lake? Kumno ngan leit sha Ward’s Lake?
Which way should we go to cave? Na kano ka lynti ngin leit sha krem pubon?
What is there to eat Madam? Don aiu ban bam Kong?
I am hungry nga lahh th-ngaan
Please give again Ai biang seh
enough La biang
Please give water Ai um seh
Please give food (rice) Ai ja seh
Please give (side dish) vegetable / meat Ai jyntah seh
Give what? Ai aiu?
Please give ‘kwai’ Ai kwai seh
I don’t understand Ngam sngewthuh
Water Um
(cooked) rice Ja
fish (meat) doh-kha
chicken (meat) doh-syiar
pork doh-sni-ang
beef doh-ma-si
mutton doh-bl-ang
dish (meat/vegetable) jyn-tah
vegetable Jhur
lentils Dai
salt ml-uh
less Duna
chilli soh-myn-ken
1 wei
2 ar
3 lai
4 saw
5 san
6 hynriew
7 hynñiew
8 phra
9 khyndai
10 shipew
20 arphew
30 laiphew
40 sawphew
50 sanphew
60 hynriewphew
70 hynñiewphew
80 phraphew
90 khyndaiphew
100 shispah
200 arspah
300 laispah
400 sawspah
500 sanspah
600 hynriewspah
700 hynñiewspah
800 phraspah
900 khyndaispah
1000 shihajar


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